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So I go to Ponderosa HS in Colorado and we are 10X state champs. I am from Illinois and I tell people about my school and they are like you would never be state champs here being IL. They say your school is smaller there and its not as hard. I say its harder if we can be 10X champs and have kids get full rides to D 1 schools. So my question is wrestling the same where ever you go? like tuff wise and could my school be a state champs in IL or no?  FYI is a 5A school

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It all depends on the coaching program. If it's aggressive absolutely. If it's laid back and easy? It's going to be a long hard road to championship.

Not at all. For instance if a state champion from Pennsylvania wrestled a state champion from say Idaho. Any person with wrestling knowledge would think the Penn kid to win. This is just because some states have an all around better wrestling community. Illinois, along with Pennsylvania Iowa and New Jersey are always the states that win the national duals. Pennsylvania won in folkstyle with IL in a close second, and in Freestyle and Greco Illinois won both dual tournaments. The talent in Illinois is amazing, and in my opinion it has the best wrestling programs in the country. That being said being state champs in Illinois is a VERY unlikely goal and most likely wouldnt happen


yo it tuff anywhere bro. I wrestled in Montana now in Jersey


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