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Amazing Video You Need to See - Learn from the Best!

Be sure to take a look at this video. Take five minutes and go through this video. 

Learn from two of the best wrestlers ever to put on a singlet. Jordan Burroughs right now is an amazing ambassador for the sport of wrestling.

He goes through a simple set up for his amazing double leg. Ben Askren, one of the best ever, even recognizes, Jordan is the one to show this move.

One thing I have seen from top wrestlers and top coaches is they always seem to be… Continue

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Singlets of the Week...

We will post some of our favorite singlets we are working on now or did that turned out cool. 

We can help you with all your wrestling singlet needs...and of course we should really say all your wrestling uniform needs. 

Which one is your favorite? Check back here regularly, we'll give you some cool singlet ideas for sure.…


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Looking for some new singlets? We have you covered...

In less than 15 minutes you can learn just about everything you need to know when looking to buy singlets. Don't make a $2,000 mistake. Give us a call to place your order 800-565-0995.

What do you think about these videos? What did we do well? What should we add in our next set of videos about singlets? …


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Best NCAA Wrestlers Turned MMA Fighters

  • Ben Askren
  • Joe Warren
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Cain Velasquez
  • Matt Hughes
  • Randy Couture
  • Josh Koscheck
  • Kevin Randleman
  • Phil Davis
  • Shane Carwin
  • Matt Hamill
  • Mark Coleman
  • Mark Munoz
  • Tyron Woodley
  • Mo Lawal
  • Cole Konrad
  • Don Frye
  • Jon Fitch
  • Johny Hendricks
  • Jake Rosholt
  • Brock Lesnar


More details and reasons…


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What is considered a good HS for wrestling

I go to a HS in Colorado and they are 10X state champs. But im for Illinois and people say bring them to Illinois and then see how good they really are. The question im asking is if your school is a state champ in lets there could they be one any were? We are a 5A school FYI

Added by Eric Hoff on February 4, 2012 at 8:25pm — 3 Comments

Free t-shirts and gear announced - $1,000 in singlets - Join WrestlingGear.Net Today

So we need your help in growing our social media site. Right now we are at about 375 people on here.

We want to grow that to 1,000 in the next month or so.

Who needs new wrestling singlets?

We are going to put our wrestling gear where our mouth is. Your team if you are selected the winner will get 20 new sublimated singlets. You just need to provide the design idea and logos and colors (e.g. the design of the singlet). Details to follow shortly...but the…


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Help us Spread the Word About WrestlingGear.Com

Do you live near the store?

Swing buy and pick up 200 catalogs and pass them out to your team and tournaments you attend (always ask permission first).

Then snap a few photos of the people you have handed photos out to or catalogs on tournament tables etc...it's that easy.

We will give you a Nike WrestlingGear.Com shirt after you have handed out the catalogs.

Stop by the store for more information - WrestlingGear.Com, Ltd 655 W. Grand Ave Unit 140, Elmhurst, IL…


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5 Ways to Empower Your Athletes to Succeed


As coaches, we often want our athletes to be self-motivated, driven and to hold themselves accountable for their own actions. We want this because we know that it will not only help us win more but also make our lives easier with fewer headaches and hand-holding. Rarely, however, do we set…


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How to Create a Facebook Page

How to Create a Facebook Page



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Interview with Zach Even-Esh of Underground Strength Coach

Interview with Zach Even-Esh of Underground Strength Coach




I caught up with the always interesting Zach Even-Esh to talk strength and conditioning- we talk a lot about…


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The Coaches Role in Long-term Success



My wife is a licensed child therapist who works with children from troubled backgrounds. Recently she was talking about a particular child that just was not responding to counseling, no matter the strategies or techniques used. Sage advice was offered to her from a highly respected therapist with whom she…


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Three Ways to Teach Life Lessons Through Sport


I’ve written on the value of athletics on this blog before. As a coach, you certainly have an understanding of why athletics is important in the life of a young person. I’ve been a college ,…


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How to Develop Better Team Captains


About 10 years ago when I was coaching full-time at the Univ of Virginia, two

of my colleagues in the dept recommended a book to me written by a guy named

Jeff Janssen called the Team Captain’s Leadership Manual. It was an amazing

book and when I became a D1 head coach, I implemented the…


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Preparing for Life After Sport

By: RIot Sports Marketing


Guest Post by Annette Lynch

When it comes to thinking about preparing for life after sport, most athletes and their support people, are focusing on what they will DO.  What new career can they pursue when they are no longer active in sport?  How can they…


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3 Easy to Understand Singlet Videos

Here are 3 easy to understand videos to make your singlet purchasing experience go much smoother. Check them out!


There are two different types of wrestling singlets, sublimated and lycra based. This video will cover the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you decide which is best for your club. You can buy your wrestling singlets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from WrestlingGear.com so what are you waiting for?…


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ASICS Dan Gable Ultimate II Wrestling Shoe

New for the 2011-2012 season is the Dan Gable Ultimate II wrestling shoe from ASICS wrestling. Place your order at WrestlingGear.com at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This shoe will definitely be a sell out, so get yours today!



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ASICS Aggressor Wrestling Shoe

This the latest color update to the ASICS Aggressor wrestling shoe which can be found at WrestlingGear.com. The Aggressor is also an update to the Rulon wrestling shoe, so if you liked the Rulon, this is the shoe for you! You can place your order at WrestlingGear.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you won't miss out on this amazing wrestling…


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Nike Inflict Wrestling Shoe

Available now at WrestlingGear.com is the newest color update to the fan favorite Nike Inflict wrestling shoe. This shoe almost always sells out, so place your order today and you won't miss out! You can place your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at http://www.WrestlingGear.com.




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adidas AdiZERO Wrestling Shoe

This is the new AdiZero wrestling shoe from Adidas wrestling. Place your order 24 hours a day at WrestlingGear.com.  Get yours today before they sell out!



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NEW! ASICS Omniflex-Pursuit Wrestling Shoes

This is the brand new Omniflex-Pursuit wrestling shoe from ASICS wrestling, available soon at WrestlingGear.com. You can place your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at WrestlingGear.com so make sure you don't miss this, because it will likely sell out quickly!




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